Train The Trainer – Two or Three Days (Depending on experience of delegate)

More and more situations are now presenting themselves for management and staff to design and deliver training with the obvious mutual benefits to be gained. To be truly effective, this training needs to be well thought through and delivered with commitment, enthusiasm and professionalism.

This course takes delegates through the various stages of training design and delivery (the depth and opportunity to practice skills dependent upon course length and experience). Delegates appreciate the importance of identifying the real need, the training objective, the structuring of a logical sequence of training activity, delivery and evaluation.

By its nature this course is participative and puts theory into practice.

What do delegates get out of it?

  • Appreciate differences between training and learning
  • Understand the types of training available
  • Be able to answer the question: Why train?
  • Adopt a methodical approach to identifying a training need via Training Needs Analysis
  • Recognise the stages involved in the training process and how people learn
  • Awareness and understanding of the four types of learner and learning
  • Understand the Learning Cycle
  • Undertake activity to identify their Learning Style and what this means
  • The importance of addressing the senses when training
  • Approaches that help recall
  • How to establish training Objectives
  • How to design good training
  • How to construct a powerful piece of training
  • Using a lesson plan
  • The type and use of training support materials, including courseware, lesson plans and visual aids
  • Why and how to validate and evaluate the training undertaken
  • Recognise the Qualities and Skills required of good and effective trainers
  • The use of questions and active listening
  • Providing support during a training session
  • How to handle difficult situations and people

What’s been said by those attending it:

‘Very good course and really enjoyable’.
‘Great supportive tutor, always willing to help and give feedback’.
‘Tutor really knew his stuff, very competent and friendly’.
‘Very friendly tutor, completely engaging throughout’.
‘Very adaptable to the style of the group’.
‘Relaxed and comfortable – thank you for an enjoyable informative and fun course’.

For your reference, please download a course outline here.

Personal Impact, Effectiveness & Communication