Strategic Planning – A Bespoke Project or a Two Day Workshop

Depending upon the circumstances, we can work with an organisation in a consultative role and customise the approach around specific requirements, or alternatively, for those involved in strategy development or revisiting what already exists, attendance at a two day workshop may be more appropriate. The workshop can either be ‘open’ workshop with a mix of personnel attending, or because of the nature of what might be discussed, it can be delivered in-house to maintain confidences.

The two day workshop takes attendees through the key aspects of strategy development providing the opportunity to address their organisation’s position and identify what might be required to modify existing strategy or create a new one.

What do delegates get out of it?

  • Strategy defined
  • An appreciation of the benefits of a plan
  • Identify their competitive advantage – what makes them better?
  • Their organisation’s Modus Operandi – their reason for being!
  • What they should look like in the future – their Vision, possibly supported by a Mission and Values statement
  • How to conduct an inventory of their organisation’s present position using recognised models
  • Appreciate their customers’ needs, motivations and perceptions of value
  • Identify the Targets and Goals to shape the future direction
  • Appreciate the requirement for people, time, money, etc. to achieve the Targets and Goals
  • Develop a Plan of Action
  • How to review progress and to take remedial action to get back on track
  • The vital part communication plays in developing and rolling out a strategic plan.

What’s been said by those attending it:

‘Really useful workshop, useful information gained’.
‘Excellent, very well delivered’.

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