Promoting An Organisation – A bespoke project or One Day Workshop

Positioning – The Target – The Message

How aware are your customers of your organisation, its products and services? Promotion plays an integral part of any marketing plan, and needs careful consideration if it is to project the desired profile, expectation and deliver the anticipated returns from existing and potential customers.

With so much competition in the marketplace, promotion plays a vital role in both capturing and maintaining market share. Organisations can be the best in their sector, but if they are the best kept secret through a lack of promotion, should we be surprised that their performance and often sustainability reflect this fact!

Communication V Promotion? Do you leave it to chance, communicating – in whatever form and by whatever means, and by whomever – be it good and possibly not so good news, or take a pro-active approach and ‘drip feed’ people on good news and channel such promotional activity through recognised conduits?

As with marketing, either a consultative and bespoke approach can be adopted with an organisation to help it develop a promotional strategy, or alternatively, people can attend an interactive one day workshop. As with the marketing workshop, this one is also designed to provide a format for developing a promotional strategy, by challenging and provoking those attending to put their organisation’s current promotional approach ‘under the spotlight’ and draw some conclusions regarding its future promotion approach and direction!

What do organisations and delegates get out of it?

  • A definition of Promotion
  • The benefits of Promotion
  • To whom do they direct promotional activity
  • Promoting an Image
  • Moving their target audience through the five stages of Awareness to Action
  • Defining their promotional Objectives and Targets
  • Designing the Message- from Neutral to Persuasive
  • Getting the Message to evoke an Image through the corporate ‘media’
  • Identifying the obvious and intangible benefits to promote
  • The five ‘Why to Buys’
  • Constructing promotional material to achieve A.I.D.A.
  • Selecting the media to use to get a message across
  • Preparing the Plan

What’s been said by those attending it:

‘Provided a great insight into how to approach promotional activity’.
‘Demonstrated that promotion is almost a science’.

For your reference, please download a course outline here

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