Presentation Skills – One & Two Days

A good presentation and/or speech can have a lasting effect upon those in the audience, evoking feelings, emotions, ideas, and promoting the image of the person making it and the organisation they represent.

Most people at some stage in their lives will be required to make a presentation, be it for business or at a social event like a wedding! Not surprisingly, most people are nervous – if not terrified – about making one.

Through good preparation and planning, nerves can be minimised and the presentation take on a logical and powerful aire, getting the points across and making it an enjoyable and memorable experience for all involved.

What do delegates get out of it?

  • How to get in the right frame of mind with a positive outlook
  • Visualising the result they want and what they need to do to achieve it
  • Identify what makes presentations good and effective
  • Understand the basic structure which underlies all presentations
  • How to prepare a presentation
  • Focus in on them as presenters – their voice, mannerisms, overall communication
  • Understand how people learn
  • Appreciate the 5 P’s of presentation
  • Opportunity to make a presentation and be critiqued

What’s been said by those attending it:

‘In the space of one day gave individuals with no experience of public speaking a toolkit to enable them to stand in front of an audience and deliver their message’ (Director General – National Organisation)

‘It was very informative and allowed me to learn new techniques. Feedback given by Trainer will bring confidence in the future’.
‘Now a lot more confident about giving a presentation, and also the preparation as well’.
‘Were taught in an engaging manner’.
‘Brilliant tutor, well presented and organised’.

For your reference, please download a course outline here.

Personal Impact, Effectiveness & Communication