Persuading Others – One Day

Do leaders ‘lead from the front’, if they do, do they turn around occasionally to see if anyone is following? Persuading others to your point of view is a key element of good management, ensuring that conflict is reduced because people see the reasons for going in a particular direction.

Apart from feeling they have been treated as a reasoning animal, people that are persuaded are likely to persuade others, critically, people that feel manipulated can achieve just the opposite and cause friction, delay, rethinks and stress, etc.

This course aims to impart effective approaches to influence and persuade others and provides opportunity to practice their new skills.

What do delegates get out of it?

  • The difference between influencing, persuading and manipulating
  • Five steps to influencing others
  • The part positive and assertive behaviour plays
  • Examination of eight influencing styles
  • The importance of credibility
  • How to sell an idea, concept, proposal
  • Communication that persuades
  • Tactics for handling resistance

What’s been said by those attending it:

‘Designed to get people to talk and think about their answers’.

For your reference, please download a course outline here.

Personal Impact, Effectiveness & Communication