Negotiation Skills – One Day

There is no merit in going into a situation with an ‘open mind’ unless you’re prepared to end up in a place you didn’t want to be! Good negotiation relies on negotiation tactics, strategies and techniques. Knowing what your objectives are and those which the other party might be seeking are vital elements of successful negotiation.

This one day course is designed to equip anyone involved in negotiation, at work and in personal life, with the knowledge, skills and confidence to behave in a way designed to achieve a desired outcome.

What do delegates get out of it?

  • An understanding of what negotiation is
  • What makes a good negotiator
  • The behaviours which help with negotiation
  • Understand the negotiating styles
  • An examination of the negotiation model, do you know your BATNA?
  • Preparing to negotiate, including options, alternatives, and the wants of the other party
  • Overcoming resistance
  • Getting agreement and closing the negotiation

What’s been said by those attending it:

‘Provided me with a framework for preparing and conducting a negotiation’.
‘Made me realise I hadn’t really prepared and thought about previous meetings’.

For your reference, please download a course outline here.

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