Meeting the challenges of change in education.

Early January 2019 saw some 40+ delegates from two nursery centres attend a one day workshop designed to guide them through both coping and managing the changes that they will be facing in 2019 and beyond.

A lively and participative day saw delegates undertaking group activities which addressed their:

  • Reflections on Change to put it in a context 
  • Reactions to Change and how it does affect those going through it
  • Force Field Analysis to understand what is likely to assist or prevent a change
  • Change Techniques to ensure successful change through a pre-prepared mind-set
  • Creativity in the approaches adopted for making a change
  • Coping with Change strategies to be used to build ones confidence and endurance

It has already been witnessed that the change approaches discussed are already being adopted with positive outcomes for all. May this success continue for the ultimate benefit of the children attending these nurseries.