Think Customer Campaigns

Thinking about the Customer is a key element to selling, get it right and there’s a better chance of another sale ‘tomorrow’, get it wrong and you may never get the opportunity to sell to that customer again!

To make the whole concept of Customer Care and Quality Service work effectively, everyone in an organisation has to learn to THINK CUSTOMER. This is so important to the future of an organisation that it needs a special approach to ensure that everyone works towards achieving what will be a key goal for future and on-going success – QUALITY CUSTOMER CARE.

As the name suggests, this is about developing a campaign, and therefore is customised around an organisation’s needs. But there are common elements which are likely to include: training materials, posters, incentives and projects. Typically, a campaign might run for six months.

Campaign Benefits:

  • Managers and staff will take ownership of the programme
  • Action plans for improved service
  • Improved teamwork and commitment to service
  • Ideas from staff for better service
  • A training style you can build on, and which can be administered by line management.
  • Managers and staff who THINK CUSTOMER and act accordingly.

Campaign Development:

  • Research – working with steering group representatives involving management and staff and who influence customer care. This group would supply energy and guidance to the project and would take ‘ownership’ of the Campaign.
  • Aim of Research – to establish simple, clear, quantifiable and achievable standards. To produce clear programme outlines/treatment for an effective campaign.
  • Programme Development – production of customised training material, trainers notes, ‘bite size’ pieces backed up with support activities to assist in the learning process.

Campaign Outline:

Promote one element of the Campaign at a time, thereby allowing employees to develop that element over an agreed period of time. A typical campaign might consist of the following elements:

  • Campaign Launch – To set the scene and to get commitment from management and staff.
  • Image – to focus attention on the need to create a good image at all times.
  • Courtesy – The golden link between products/services and the customer.
  • Awareness – To ensure that staff do not suffer from ‘customer blindness’ and become more aware of their needs.
  • Speed and Quality of Service – Adding all the elements together to provide a high level of service at all times.
  • Campaign Summary – A summary of the key elements of the whole campaign.

For your reference, please download a course outline here.

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