Special Offers

Full Price Courses – Currently £295.00 + VAT

These offer excellent value and we feel are priced very competitively for a whole day course which includes all day refreshments, lunch and any associated courses materials.

To make life that little bit easier, currently we have priced all our one day courses at £295.00 + VAT

1+1 Promotion

This promotion represents extremely good value. By purchasing any first course for £295.00 you can then purchase any different second course for half the normal day rate!

E.G., Instead of 2 X £295.00 = £590.00
You pay 1½ X £295.00 = £442.50

Just £221.25 +VAT per course!

Take a look at our Courses section.

3 For 2 Promotion

Another great promotion allowing three courses to be purchased for the price of two!

E.G., Instead of 3 X £295.00 = £885.00
You pay £590.00

Just £196.66 +VAT per course!

Find out more in our Courses section.

WIGIG Promotion

On rare occasions we will promote a course at a very competitive – some might say crazy – price. The prices will vary, so keep a look out for a really good offer…

See our courses section.

BOGOF Promotion

Buy one course for £295.00 and get a second one for FREE. Two full day’s course with refreshments, lunch and associated course materials for the equivalent of £147.50 +VAT. per course.

Keep an eye out for these promotions, they’re not around often – nor for long…!