Merchandising For Results – 3 Day In-house Workshop

Where the ‘Improving the Visual Image’ course provides a valuable insight into developing a corporate image, this three day workshop takes it a stage further and is designed to be run in-house for organisations looking to ensure their whole merchandising approach achieves the best sales potential.

Particularly participative, those attending are involved in benchmarking their organisation alongside similar ones and drawing conclusions before setting off on how to improve matters!

Run as three separate days, with one or two weeks between each, the end result is a plan for presentation to senior management of their recommendations for Merchandising for Results.

What do delegates get out of it?

  • The key principles of marketing and promotion as they relate to merchandising
  • Delegates review their own business’s merchandising approach, utilising the principles explained during day one, including:
    • Identifying their customers
    • Appeal to the senses
    • Layout, etc.
  • View the business through the eyes of their customers – the perceptions they have of their business through the merchandising
  • Identify customer expectations
  • Sales floor preparation and setting the Standards
  • Getting the most from window displays
  • A review of in-store displays and layouts
  • A merchandising checklist
  • Product categories and grouping
  • Assignment work. Between day one and two, delegates undertake an assignment whereby they draw comparisons between their business and the competition covering various elements associated with merchandising, not least:
    • SWOT
    • Product grouping
    • Promotional campaigns and ‘Signposting’
    • Rationalisation of product range
    • Display treatment and Layout, etc.
  • Presentation of assignment findings and conclusions
  • Construct outline plans for a future approach for presentation to senior management later that third day.

What’s been said by those attending it:

‘Made me see our business from a completely different perspective’.
‘In some ways a nerve-racking experience, but I’ve learnt so much’.

For your reference, please download a course outline here.

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