Marketing An Organisation – A bespoke project or a One Day Workshop

Marketing an Organisation – The Planning Cycle – Developing a Marketing Strategy

The terms marketing and selling are often viewed as synonymous, but there are significant differences, so much so that any organisation that overlooks the need for a marketing approach could be said to be jeopardising its very future!

‘Word of mouth’ or just speaking to someone about your business could be considered a form of marketing! Developing a marketing strategy is about taking a more formal approach and considers what the value of your products or services are to your customers, who are/or should be your customers and how do you reach them?

Depending upon the circumstances, either a consultative and bespoke approach can be adopted with an organisation to help it develop a marketing strategy, or alternatively, people can attend an interactive one day workshop. This workshop is designed to provide a format for developing a marketing strategy by challenging and provoking those attending to put their organisation’s current marketing approach ‘under the spotlight’ and draw some conclusions regarding its future marketing approach and direction!

What do organisations and delegates get out of it?

  • Identifying their marketplace
  • An understanding of what marketing is
  • Selling V Marketing
  • Identifying – Pursuing – Retaining customers
  • An appreciation and examination of the four elements of the Virtuous Circle of Best Marketing Practice
  • The identification and creation of a Customer Value Proposition
  • Understand the five key stages of planning a marketing strategy; Objectives, Research, Planning, Strategy, Tactics, including:
    • Economic, non-economic and defensive objectives
    • The Vision
    • SWOT, Market Analysis, The Target, Gap Analysis, etc.
    • The Boston Box, Product Life Cycle
    • Who are the customers – or could they be?
    • Types of research
    • Buying motives
    • The 4 P’s and 4 C’s of marketing
    • Positioning
  • Preparing the Plan

What’s been said by those attending it:

‘I realise now the difference between marketing and selling’.
‘I was offered this job as a selling role, but now realise it is a marketing one!’

For your reference, please download a course outline here

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