Management & Leadership

All organisations of whatever size need managers and leaders, those in ‘management’ inevitably often need to perform role of manager and leader. A true management professional understands the difference between managing and leading, utilising these differences as appropriate to achieve performance through others by way of inspiration, motivation and direction.

Leadership qualities are essential in an ever changing world which brings new direction, challenge, doubt, questions and fears. Such a scenario demands positive team dynamics, involvement, inspiration, enthusiasm and informed people.

Similarly, processes, policy and procedures need to be managed and implemented, managing these are crucial to achieving good performance and the meeting of targets and objectives.

Sadly, on occasion, we witness situations where ‘Promoted to their first level of incompetence’ is all too evident by the lack of performance and team spirit, reflected in high levels of stress in those expected to do the leading and managing and frustration and de-motivation in those being managed.

Our Management and Leadership portfolio of courses is designed to stimulate and provoke thought and provide the knowledge and skills to perform the combined role of leader and manager.

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