Influencing and Persuading – One Day

Being able to influence and persuade people is an essential skill, not only in sales and management, but also when dealing with customers on a more general basis.

People possessing these skills exhibit more confidence and achieve more job satisfaction, as their positive and constructive input can truly affect the outcome of customer interactions, helping build customer loyalty and the ‘I didn’t expect that’ factor.

This participative course examines the principles of influencing and persuading people to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

What do delegates get out of it?

  • An understanding of what influence and persuasion is
  • The qualities and skills required
  • How to utilise the AIDA model
  • The five step approach to influencing
  • Understand the part positive behaviour plays
  • Assessment of the eight influencing styles and approaches
  • Appreciate the power of credibility
  • Selling their proposition by identifying the benefits
  • The use of persuasive communication skills
  • How to overcome any resistance

What’s been said by those attending it:

‘Really friendly and knowledgeable tutor who knows how to get people to talk and think about their answers’.

For your reference, please download a course outline here.

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