Four Straight Lines Ltd brings some exciting approaches

Four Straight Lines Ltd brings some exciting approaches to developing people and businesses in 2016 with the launch a new image and accompanying website.

As one would expect, our style is both professional and confident, a reflection on the team who bring a wealth of talent and experience to both people and corporate development. Exemplified by the roles the team have held, including CEO, Group Financial Director and senior managers, such experience provides the depth and breadth of knowledge that can only benefit our clients, through the quality of the course content and scope of the consultancy available.

If its a course you are interested in, then our calendar of open courses currently extends to February 2017 and covers four crucial areas of Management and Leadership, Personal Impact, Sales and Customer Focus. All one day courses cost just £295.00, but this could be even less if taking advantage of our four special offers! We have adopted the business model principles of periodically offering special prices over a range of courses, without diminishing the training offer – same content, same all day refreshments and lunch.

The ‘Buy One, Get One Half Price’ offer makes the average price for each of two courses on this promotion a staggering £221.25 each! By ‘Buying Three for the Price of Two’, the price falls to just £196.66 per course. At £147.50 per course, the benefit of taking advantage of the BOGOF – ‘Buy One, Get One Free’ is clear. Occasionally there will be a WIGIG at a price that ensures that – ‘When It’s Gone, It’s Gone’!

Four Straight Lines Ltd has chosen to run courses out of four key locations around the UK to make it easy for delegates to attend. What’s more, if a date or location isn’t convenient, hitting the ‘Request a Date/Venue’ button means you can request something more suitable!

Take the time to take a look at our website, we’re excited about it and we’re sure you will be too. There could well be opportunities to utilise our portfolio as part of planned development programmes for 2016/17 and at prices that will extend the scope of your budget. The ‘Book Now’ facility makes it easy to book places and guarantee prices, or ‘Make and Enquiry’ or ‘Request a Callback’ for a more detailed exploration.

If it’s a bespoke project you have in your sights, take a look at ‘Business Development’ and ‘Bespoke Projects’ and then give us a call or hit the ‘Make an Enquiry’ or ‘Request a Callback’ buttons to find out more.

Peruse and enthuse!