Early Years is proving a winner…

Since launching our early years provision in late 2016, we have been extremely busy providing a host of help, support and training to those people involved with early years, be they nursery owners, managers, Governors, assistants, university personnel…

Activity has included:

  • Workshops:
  • Mud, Mess and Mayhem / Hold Me, Hug Me, Help Me / To Infinity and Beyond / Watching me, Watching You / Unwrap the Cotton Wool / In the Potting Shed / Letters and Sounds / Letters and Sounds / Fishes in the Water / Supporting Your Terrific Twos / From Aqua Girl to Zorro / Movement Matters / Boys will be Boys / Squiggles, Scribbles and Stories / Magical Mixtures and Potions / British Values through Persona Doll Approach / Going Round in Circles
  • Characteristics of Effective Learning
  • Image of the Child
  • Meeting Your Early Years Outcomes Judgement in the Common Inspection Framework
  • Communication and Assertiveness Skills
  • Leadership and Management Skills
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Advice and Support Consultancy Visits:
  • Effective Governance in the Early Years Foundation Stage
  • The Role of the Governor in Monitoring the EYFS
  • Advice and Consultancy visits to; Reception Teacher Clusters, Primary and Nursery Schools
  • Support for Inadequate Settings
  • Preparing for Moderation
  • Closing the Gap briefings
  • Moderation Visits
  • Academy Observation, Assessment and Planning
  • Time to Talk Conference

So, a busy year and 2018 is looking busy too!

If you have an Early Years requirement, give us a call.