Developing A Traded Service – A bespoke project or three one day courses

Following changes to Government funding over recent times, services which were previously provided free to the end users, now have to be charged for, and as such require an additional set of skills to raise awareness of the service, compete with new competition, develop a client base and so better ensure budgetary requirements are fulfilled.

Local Authorities have been particularly ‘challenged’ by these funding changes as evidenced by this testimonial:

I approached Graham Vallis at Four Straight Lines Ltd because our Early Years and Childcare team at Warwickshire County Council had been through a restructure and were tasked with reduced budgets and to develop a ‘traded service’. The challenges we faced as a team were daunting and I wanted to work with an independent organisation to reform the team and get them thinking about how they could utilise their knowledge and expertise to fulfil the changes ahead.

I knew Graham had experience in this area of work and hoped he would provide the guidance to enable us to start thinking how we might implement a completely new way of working.

Graham worked with us over a period of time, providing time for reflection in between each of the sessions. The result was enlightening and gave us an excellent grounding for moving forward as a team. We have now developed a very successful traded service and work competently and confidently with the Early Years sector.

What we appreciated most about working with Graham was his ability to cut through the predicable politics of a restructure and new ways of working, to keep everyone happy, engaged and deliver the expected results – and then some.

Julie Toal, Senior Officer Early Years, Warwickshire County Council.

Those attending this programme were trained in three specific skill areas designed to equip them with the confidence to embrace this new culture, the knowledge to develop material to support the roll out and the skills to interact with their ‘new customers’ on a more commercial footing.

What do organisations and delegates get out of it?

  • Managing the Change Process – to address their changing culture
    • Reflecting on Change
    • Reactions to Change
    • Force Field Analysis
    • Implementing Change
    • Behaviours
    • Intelligences
    • Getting Creative and Problem Solving

‘Found the questionnaire exercises and assertiveness very thought provoking’.
‘Force Field Analysis, Emotional Intelligence and strategies for change were very useful’.

  • An Introduction to Selling and Negotiating – to provide a framework and instil confidence
    • Understand what negotiation is
    • Preparing and researching in readiness for negotiating
    • Developing Options and Alternatives
    • Coming to an Agreement
    • Identifying the skills of a Good Salesperson
    • Approaching the Customer
    • Establishing Needs and Requirements
    • Selling Benefits of your product and service
    • Dealing with Questions and Objections
    • Closing the Sale
    • Commending the buying decision

‘This has been a fantastic introduction to the skills and strategies for selling – new to me!’
‘Liked the part about how to close the deal when customers use the tactics that I personally use to put off decisions!’

  • Introduction to Marketing and Promotion – in order to get their message across
    • The difference between Marketing and Promotion
    • Marketing defined
    • Customer Value Propositions
    • Addressing the four key elements of Marketing
    • Promotion defined
    • Product and Service Life Cycles
    • Positioning your Products and Services
    • Promoting and Communicating the ‘Offer’ – The Medium, The Target, The Message

‘Will now look at all our products – ‘Boston Box’ activity and write flyers and advertorials’.
‘Has provided me with the confidence in developing strategies for moving forward and planning’.