Conflict Resolution – One Day

Unless populated by clones with the same ideas and opinions, organisations are inevitably going to have conflict situations develop amongst their employees, at whatever level!

What a lot of people don’t appreciate is that conflict can often produce positive benefits, flushing a logjam through and creating understanding where previously there was acrimony – not always obvious at the outset of a conflict!

Interestingly, for those meant to manage difficult situations and who do not – possibly through their lack of confidence and fear of conflict – additional tensions, anxiety and potential stress can result.

This course explores the many and varied elements concerned with conflict, from the reasons why it occurs, the various levels of conflict, through to the behaviours which can help to resolve it. Equally applicable to anyone likely to face conflict and require a resolution.

What do delegates get out of it?

  • What triggers conflict?
  • Recognising the signs and symptoms of conflict
  • An appreciation of the impact of certain words and phrases
  • What is our body saying?
  • Approaches to different levels of conflict
  • The 5 Step Framework to addressing conflict
  • Given a choice of four, the best response to conflict
  • The use of Assertive behaviour in reaching a positive outcome
  • Understanding the four key ‘positions’ and outcomes associated with human behaviour
  • The use of good communication skills
    • Controlling the conversation
    • Listening
    • Asking the right type of questions
    • Quality Feedback
  • A simple Problem Solving technique to produce a result.

What’s been said by those attending it:

‘It was really useful learning how to speak to people who are aggressive’.
‘Having different situations explained and different ways of dealing with them’.
‘Good information, easy to understand’.
‘I now better appreciate and understand the other person’s likely position’.

For your reference, please download a course outline here.

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