Bespoke Projects

On occasion, there will be a requirement for involvement in an activity which doesn’t quite fit within a ‘portfolio’ of courses and as such can’t be featured on this website under any category other than Bespoke Projects.

From our experience these can include:

  • Conducting Feasibility Studies
  • Working with a team of people on a specific annual event which requires a revamp
  • Working with senior managers to enable them to present to board directors in potential client companies
  • Giving talks, breakfast sessions and presentations on particular development related topics
  • Taking on the role of ‘Master of Ceremonies’ at corporate/public events
  • Writing Job Descriptions and Personal Specifications for job vacancies
  • Championing a project and avoiding the ‘politics’!

Because of the varied nature of such requests and activity, we’re quite happy to receive an enquiry and develop the discussion from there.

Corporate Annual Event review and modification:

‘Through a series of workshops, Graham guided a diverse group with varying skills and experience through how to create, shape, and implement change.’ (Director General)

Annual Conference session related to Directors duties:

‘An interesting and interactive presentation which entertained as well as communicating memorable messages.’