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If you’re familiar with the nine dots puzzle, you’ll know how creative thinking helps to solve this paper based challenge. If you’re not, our aim at Four Straight Lines is to equip you with the tools, knowledge and confidence to become a more creative thinker in all aspects of business.

Using clear, concise and participative approaches, we have been developing people and organisation’s since the early 1990’s. From training courses to organisational development, we pride ourselves on having the broad portfolio of skills and experience required to meet any challenge.

What We Offer

Our extensive portfolio of training and development activities address three fundamental areas for personal and organisational success:

Soft Skills
Business Development
Bespoke Projects & Assignments

Soft Skills

We’re confident we have a soft skills training course to meet your particular needs, or come to us with your bespoke requirements and we’ll develop a course for you. Our most popular courses include:

Any of the courses featured can be run in-house, providing a more cost effective way of training for you and your team.

To book, click on your chosen course then hit the ‘Book now’ button, or if there isn’t a date that suits you then contact us directly.

Business Development

We focus on five key areas in terms of business development – strategic planning, marketing, promotion, town regeneration and developing a traded service.

Experience tells us that to develop any business, strategic planning, marketing and promotion are essential ingredients. We offer two approaches:

  1. A consultancy approach where we work closely with the customer to identify what is required in terms of content and how it’s delivered.
  2. Use our workshops to provide a participative overview of the subject and draw up a progressive action plan.

For more on these workshops click above:

As well as working with businesses and individuals, we have been used by towns across the UK since the 90s to help regenerate communities. Following a format called Towns Alive, the mix of management, sales, merchandising, promotion and planning activities has proved successful in increasing footfall, funding and community engagement.

For those organisations that now have to charge for services, such as local authorities, we offer two approaches designed to address the mind-set of those affected.

  1. Three one day courses which address developing a traded service.
  2. A bespoke solution looking at the specific challenges the customer may be facing.

Bespoke Projects and Assignments

Four Straight Lines is often asked to work on specific projects requiring an external focus and intervention. These have included annual national events, facilitation, feasibility studies and working closely with members of management at all levels in a coaching and mentoring capacity.

For more information, click below or if you have a specific solution that needs attention, please get in touch with your specific request.

A Radical Approach

1+1-small wigig-small bogof-small 3-for-2-small

“Well – I’ve only ever seen those in supermarkets. That’s new!”
We think so too! An innovative and radical approach offering mutual benefits!

In many sectors of industry and commerce today, budgets are continually under review and facing ‘value’ scrutiny. It is for this reason that a new unique approach to making a budget go further has been introduced.

BOGOF’s, 342’s, 1+1=1½ and WIGIG’s may be more familiar in the retail setting, but we have taken the radical step of introducing them across our soft skills provision, without devaluing this portfolio!
The format, content and overall quality of the courses remains unchanged, only the cost is vastly more competitive, meaning that you can undertake more training at a reduced cost.

Not only good news for your organisation and the individuals within it, but also for us, as we can plan a calendar of well-populated courses which offer great value.
As you look at our calendar of courses, you will on occasion see icons which denote that a particular course is part of either a BOGOF, 342, 1+1=1½ or WIGIG promotion.

If you’re not familiar with the terms – put simply:

bogof-small – Buy One Get One Free (Two courses for the price of one)

3-for-2-small – Three for the price of two (Three courses for the price of two)

1+1-small – Buy one and get the second at half price

wigig-small – When it’s Gone It’s Gone (A course at such a good discount that when it’s full – it’s gone!)

The same delegate doesn’t have to attend each course on a ‘promotion’, thereby providing you with even more buying power as we’re not looking to ‘lock you in’ with more delegates on more courses than you would otherwise have booked.

By adopting this unusual and radical approach, you as the customer benefit from making your budget go further, more delegates benefit from receiving training, and we benefit from receiving your business – a simple model of mutual benefit which makes commercial sense for all concerned!

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